"4.28 Changsha" youquan care full sponsorship in 2016-CBME school

April 28 youquan care CBME together touring schools public course "how to make money opening a baby shop (the fourth quarter)," second stop was the Changsha began. Hot crowd!

In the open field, He Guoming, Group Vice President of youquan care brand, corporate strengths and marketing mode of sharing, companies are also willing to work with more partners, and common development.

At the scene, excellent marketing models attracted customers interested in nursing. Consultation to clients, staff is explained in detail and carefully prepared for each customer sent a gift.

On May 12, "how to make money opening a baby shop (the fourth quarter)," tour third leg will be held in Shijiazhuang open class, excellent nursing care in Shijiazhuang and you have agreed, we expect like-minded friends to visit the site, and booksellers.